About Us
Why our process is different

I offer a hands-on approach to providing our clients real world solutions. My focus is on One to One business. By personally meeting with each of my clients I am able to learn about their business and educate them on how to use digital marketing strategies to help their business grow. A website is no longer just enough, a smart business needs to be able to use social media to their advantage. 

Our goal is to meet our clients’ individual needs. We do this by providing real-world solutions with a personal touch. We begin with interviews to find out exactly what each client’s individual needs are. After our initial interviews, we bring in our team of experts to begin the work of designing your web page. From there we work with you on how to leverage your website across search engines and social media. After everything is ready we train your staff on how to update your website. 

This enables you to use our professional system to make ongoing updates to the look, feel, and content of the site. If you have any questions my international technical support staff is available 24/7 to assist you. In addition, I am always available to assist my clients with any issues they may have. 

Our Responsive designs allow your website to dynamically adjust to your customer's screen size. Whether browsing your website on a phone, or a full-size monitor, we ensure a consistent look and feel across all devices. Just an additional cost for AUD$600 to enjoy a mobile site in responsive design.